Lightning Protection Systems

Since 1977, FOREND is in the forefront of lightning protection  and earthing systems with its innovative technologies in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. Electro Dynamic presents two effective protective solutions from this global leader as you secure your precious assets from lightning strikes from  cumulonimbus thunder cloud occurences so frequent in Malaysia.

1. Conventional System  - Meshed Method

Air terminals are positioned around the edge of the roofand on high points. A network of conductors follow the external perimeter of the roof. This network is completed with transverse elements. The mesh size is between 5 and 20 metres depending upon the effectiveness required.

The top of the down conductors fitted to the walls are connected to the roof mesh, and the bottom to dedicated earthing systems. The majority of lightning current is conducted and dissipated by the conductors and earthing systems closest to the point of impact of the lightning strike.

2. Early Streamer Emission (ESE) System

Foresight and efficient protection by ESE
An Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor in characterized by its reaction to the lightning approach, being the first one to capture it in its radius of action, to conduct it to the ground in a safe way.

Immediate reaction.
The standard name is "time in advance" (t) It determines the radius of protection of the air terminal and must be tested and certified by official and therefore independent laboratories..

Maximal resistance, non perishable
It is essential for these tests to be preceded by lightning current withstanding tests, with the aim of proving that the air terminal is not perishable and keeps working even after several lightning discharges.

Performance under rain
On the top of that, an air terminal must maintain its performance in all types of weather conditions because rain could short-circuit it and make it lose its effectiveness.

Independence and reliability
In order to offer a better guarantee for the end user, the air terminals Dat Controler® Plus are submitted to tests performed by official independent laboratories and they have gained the AENOR product quality seal of certification.

Forend E.S.E Lightning Conductors

Ref No F10120
Material Chrome plated copper
T Acc. to NFC-17 102 Δ T:30
Weight (kg) 2.30
Height (cm) 50

Ref No F10105
Material Stainless Steel
T Acc. to NFC-17 102 Δ T:45
Weight (kg) 3.20
Height (cm) 63

Ref No F10115
Material Chrome plated copper
T Acc. to NFC-17 102 Δ T:60
Weight (kg) 2.50
Height (cm) 50

Forend LSC (Lightning Strike Counter)
Produced according to IP65
Mechanical Counter with 6 digits
Detects currents from 2  to 100kA
Testable with a 9V Battery
Does not require any external power supply
Dimensions : 11,3x7x4,8cm
Easy montage
Serial Counter
Operating Temperature ( C):- 40  to +60

Our products have been tested in ELDAS Laboratory accredited by TURKAK.
FOREND Lightning Strike Counter has a certificate from METU Middle East Technical University - ODTU