The Company

Established in 1994, Electro Dynamic is a leading Malaysian distributor and solutions provider for your electrical needs ranging from lightning protection, electrical equipment, cables and cabling accessories  for oil & Gas, Marines, infrastructure, industries,and factories.
We are a company with a wide range of high quality products to suit all electrical needs and unique specifications we also provide other range of services to ensure the full realisation of solutions through electrical testing, Commissioning services Professional installation and maintenance.

Our Vision

To provide our valued clients with utmost reliability, long term sustainability and higher returns as we strive to realise fully integrated and value-added electrical solutions to fulfill today’s need and cialis 20mg accommodate tomorrow’s potential.

With our emphasis on customer satisfaction, skilled resources and high quality products, you can count on:

  1. Proven electrical solutions 
  2. Globally renowned electrical technologies
  3. High professional standards with a well-trained workforce and licensed experts
  4. Improved productivity and reduced downtime
  5. Consultancy of high integrity and credibility
  6. Excellent tech and after-sales services and support.